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Our Values

The values, standards and behaviours were developed with staff and patients through our In Your Shoes programme and through staff workshops. They guide us as to how we can give better care, act with compassion and protect the most vulnerable people in our society and in our community, when they need us most.

The behaviours and standards we adopt today have the potential to transform the care experiences we deliver and the support we give our colleagues.

That transformation is a process of continuous learning and improvement which will, through our values, touch each and every person and process in this Trust. It is a constant search for answers to the important questions we all have, such as how do we continuously improve and how do we keep out connection back to our values alive; questions we all need to ask ourselves each and every day.

From Values to Standards


  • Be Welcoming
  • Be Polite
  • Maintain Patients’ Dignity


  • Be kind and compassionate
  • Show Empathy
  • Listen and Respond


  • Deliver cleanliness
  • Be Professional
  • Work as a team


  • Speak Up
  • Treat Others as Individuals
  • Strive for Excellence

2015/16 Board objectives

  • Excellence in quality and patient outcomes
  • Excellence in operational delivery
  • Excellence in developing our people, our learning, our research and our innovation
  • Excellence in managing our resources
  • Excellence in our relationships with partners and stakeholders
  • Excellence in compliance and meeting standards
  • Excellence in leading and planning our future