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Operations Director- Medicine

Job Title: Operations Director
Band: 8d / 9
Reporting To: Associate Medical Director
Accountable To: Chief Operating Officer
Department(s)/Location: Various

The Operations Director is a key senior management and senior leadership position with the responsibility and accountability to manage, develop, direct and lead service improvement and performance strategies and policies to ensure delivery of high quality, safe, efficient and effective patient care in the Health Group.

The Operations Director will support the Associate Medical Director to deliver all the performance targets within the Health Group. They will ensure suitable programmes for developing and implementing performance management strategies, implementation of business development, and planning are consistent with the Trust’s need for business efficiency, effectiveness, flexibility, value for money, high staff morale and improving patient care.

All senior leaders are expected to work as part of a cohesive team and, when necessary, to take lead responsibility for corporate issues outside their immediate sphere of responsibility in order to achieve the corporate objectives of the Trust.

The Operations Director will be responsible for ensuring that a safe and effective patient service is delivered at all times throughout the Healthcare Group in line with national and locally agreed standards, developing the Healthcare Group as a centre of excellence.

Organisational Chart

Main Duties/Responsibilities

Performance monitoring and management

Develop an Annual capacity plan, activity profile and operational plan, which achieves the quality and access targets required to deliver the Board’s objectives.

Monitor key performance indicators for the Healthcare Group and support the Associate Medical Director in identifying and resolving emergent problems.

Ensure clinical services are delivered in line with required activity and income plans, maintain control of expenditure, improving value for money and ensuring continued service development in relation to efficiency and quality. This will include implementation and monitoring of demand management initiatives agreed with external partners.

Be responsible for leading the development of the performance management framework and ensuring its implementation in order to deliver national and local performance targets within the Healthcare Group.

Take the lead with nominated clinicians for specific targets as appropriate and agree with the Associate Medical Director, and being ultimately responsible for the delivery of Healthcare Group Specific targets.

Be responsible for co-ordinating all service reviews and peer reviews relevant to services within the portfolio, both internally and externally to the Trust, and be responsible for preparing and collating information and ensuring any identified actions are fully implemented.

Ensure the Trusts processes in relation to contractual requirements e.g. demand management are fully adhered to.

Produce reports for a range of people (e.g. Healthcare Group Associate Medical Director, Chief Operating Officer, Executive Teams, and Trust Board) in relation to the Healthcare Group.

The Associate Director of Operations is responsible for the negotiating and managing service level agreements and contracts in partnership with the corporate teams.

Ensure that all services are delivered meeting agreed deadlines and objectives within a strategic framework.

Trust management practice

Under the leadership of the Associate Medical Director contribute to the development of management practice across the Trust.

Strategic planning and organisation responsibility, the Associate Director of Operations will lead the development of the business plan, ensuring that it supports delivery of the corporate plan and meets the financial management’s expectations.

Lead on the development and implementation of policies and procedures which will impact on the whole Healthcare Group whilst ensuring compliance to Trust policies.

Include patients and staff survey results, capacity planning, financial planning including service line reporting, service improvements, diversity and equality, governance and HR management as an integral part of the business planning and full implementation.

Develop robust and comprehensive business cases for the new developments, ensuring that they are approved by the appropriate forum.

Lead process improvement and service redesign across the services.

Oversee and deliver new business and change management programmes including capital development and refurbishments.

The post holder will be required to participate in the Trust senior manager on call rota.


In partnership with the Associate Medical Director and Associate Director of Nursing the Associate Director of Operations will actively involve the Healthcare Group staff in the delivery of Clinical Governance, in accordance with Trust systems, process and priorities.

Under the directions of the Associate Medical Director, the Associate Director of Operations and the Associate Director of Nursing will work together to organise the Healthcare Group clinical governance half days and governance policy boards to ensure the monitoring of trends, dissemination of best practice and learning throughout the Healthcare Group.

Patient Experience and Care

In partnership with the Associate Medical Director and Associate Director of Nursing the Associate Director of Operations will;

Create an environment within the Healthcare Group that makes care, safety and patient satisfaction everyone’s first concern.

Ensure that high quality clinical services are delivered in line with the Trust Nursing Strategy, Clinical Strategy and Financial Plan.

Be proactive and innovative in the development and implementation of the Healthcare Group Patient/Parent involvement strategy, ensuring there are mechanisms to seek feedback to improve/develop services.

Information Management

To support the continuous improvement of data and information quality across the Trust.

Financial Responsibility

To manage the Health Group budget in order to best deliver the access, activity, finance and quality targets.

To support the Associate Medical Director with budget setting within a Healthcare Group.

To undertake a proactive financial role, establishing strong financial management processes within the Health Group.

To take responsibility for identifying and minimising areas of financial risk within the Health Group.

Responsible for the delivery of financial, QIPP and performance target including the annual operating framework and Healthcare Group annual plans. The Associate Director of Operations is responsible for establishing and maintaining internal controls within the Healthcare Group to assure delivery and the deployment of resources in line with the Trust Financial Plan and in accordance with the Standing Financial Instructions.

To support the development and implementation of Trust-wide cost savings schemes, through service and productivity improvement.

To ensure financial and budget requirements for areas of responsibility are met, including the delivery of any cost efficiency targets in conjunction with the Associate Medical Director.

Ensure all budgets (pay and non pay) are managed within the Trust’s Standing Orders and Standing

Financial Instructions and relevant statutory provisions and national directives, and also in line with the annual financial plan.

Develop and implement systems to monitor and control expenditure and investigate any areas of overspend and take prompt corrective action.

Human Resource Management

The Operations Director will:

Manage effective planning and deployment of staff within the Health Group to meet access, activity and quality targets within available resources.

To develop and support staff through a robust appraisal framework, identify talent and develop a succession plan to ensure the sustainability of services and skills in the Health Group.

Provide leadership to General Managers and Service Managers to develop and improve management practice across the healthcare group.

Be accountable for establishing and maintaining effect structures and systems of controls for the management of staff, including recruitment, appraisal, continuing professional development and support of the Trust’s Human Resources policies and procedures. The Operations Director, in partnership with the Associate Director of Nursing and Associate Medical Director, will also ensure satisfactory cover arrangement for all departments to assure maintenance of services.

Lead in a way which invites innovative and creative service development whilst promoting an open and evidenced based culture that supports new ways of working to optimise productivity and the benefits associated with national investment.

Line manages and develops the staff within their area of responsibility.

Motivate and develop staff so as to maintain the highest level of staff morale.

Respond to feedback from the annual Staff Survey, in conjunction with the Associate Medical Director and Associate Director of Nursing, and implement a Healthcare Group response, taking actions where staff raises concerns.

Agree annual Healthcare Group and personal performance objectives with the Associate Medical Director and undertake personal development activities.

Agree short and medium term workforce plans to assure delivery of the Healthcare Group Business Plan and Trust Corporate Plan.

Assure the healthcare group has a capable and able workforce by ensuring that effective arrangements are in place for all staff to be appraised every year with clear objectives and personal development plans, and attend all mandatory or identified induction, training and developments.

Chair or otherwise contribute to disciplinary hearing and processes that are required, including those staff outside the portfolio.

To ensure that all Clinical Service Group Leads are professionally supported and developed through mentoring, coaching, appraisal and personal development.

Systems & Equipment

EPR Experience

Good knowledge of Microsoft Office Packages

Decisions & Judgements

The Operations Director will be responsible for the operational delivery of all services within their portfolio. These services may be across sites within the Trust, and may also be across sites which are external to the Trust.

Work closely with internal teams to devise systems proactively to manage service demand and ensure that these are fully implemented.

Assist the Associate Medical Director in chairing Healthcare Group meetings and chair other relevant meetings.

Initiate regular reviews of services, and ensure new developments are appropriately resourced through the business planning process.

Monitor activity in relation to agreed activity plans and access targets, and implement immediate corrective action in relation to any significant underperformance/over performance.

Respond in a timely manner to frequent and unpredictable day to day operational issues as required.

Communications & Relationships

Will need to communicate with internal staff and external agencies to ensure compliance with performance targets and strategic objectives.

Will be required to present highly complex and sensitive information to staff groups where there could be a hostile environment

Physical Demands Of The Job

Elements of this role will require a degree of walking across large areas of the Hospital Site, standing and sitting for periods of time.

Will require good keyboard skills

The post holder is expected to participate in the Senior Mangers on call rota, with responsibility for ensuring the safe running of the hospital out of hours.

Most Challenging/Difficult Parts Of The Job

Emotional effort: This post will be a very senior post dealing with complex decision making and change management and having the responsibility to deliver sometimes unwelcoming news on performance targets.

This post will need to deal with complaints and staff issues as the highest point of escalation.