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Associate Medical Director- Medical Healthcare Group

Job Title: Associate Medical Director- Medical Healthcare Group
Accountable To:
  • Chief Executive (for overall performance)
  • Chief Medical Officer of Healthcare Group (for professional accountability)
  • Chief Operating Officer (for operational performance)
  • Clinical Pathway Director
  • Clinical Service Leads
Department(s)/Location: The Princess Alexandra Hospital
PA’s: up to six
Job Reference Number: 927091

Working closely with the Clinical Pathway Directors, the role of the Associate Medical Director is to provide strategic and operational leadership for all elements of the portfolio of services within the Health Care Group and to be a participating member of the Executive Management Board.

The Associate Medical Director is responsible for ensuring the delivery of effective, efficient and high quality services.

Organisational Chart

As Associate Medical Director, the post-holder will be responsible for contributing to and driving the strategic direction of the clinical services within the Trust

Main Duties/Responsibilities

The Associate Medical Director is accountable to the Chief Executive for managerial performance and professionally accountable to the Healthcare Group’s Chief Medical Officer, both on an individual basis and on behalf of the Medical staff employed within the Health Care Group.

The Associate Medical Director is accountable to the Chief Operating Officer for operational performance:

  • The Associate Medical Director will be the senior accountable officer for the managerial, clinical and financial performance of the Health Care Group and for ensuring delivery of the Trust Strategy as it applies to the Group. They will be directly responsible for the all Medical, Nursing, Allied Health Professionals and Managerial/Administrative staff of the Health Care Group.
  • The Associate Medical Director will be accountable for ensuring that the specialities under its jurisdiction provide and maintain a comprehensive range of high quality clinical services through programmes of continuing development and improvement.
  • The Associate Medical Director will be the accounting officer for the management of all income and expenditure and expected to achieve annual financial balance.
  • The Associate Medical Director will also be responsible for ensuring that the Health Care Group meets all statutory, regulatory and performance standards as laid down by the relevant national authorities, including compliance with the Trust Development Agency’s term of authority and service standards approved by Government through the Care Quality Commission and other regulators.
  • To provide clinical leadership within the Trust on patient safety and to champion safety improvements in order to engage all clinicians in adopting a cohesive and sustained approach to reducing avoidable harm. In particular to focus on implementing the recommendations of the Francis Inquiry, the Berwick report and instituting outcomes and learning from the Keogh Rapid Response Reviews; further ensuring clinical effectiveness requirements underpinned by NICE are evident across the Trust, supporting the revised approach of the NHS litigation authority.
  • To develop a close working relationship with the corporate Quality and Safety teams and assume responsibility for reliable implementation of clinical interventions to reduce avoidable harm in accordance with patient safety recommendations.
  • To work with Healthcare Groups to coordinate and disseminate learning amongst the service lines, and to maintain an overview of recurrent patient safety themes across the Healthcare Groups
  • To advise Clinical Management Team, Patient Safety and Quality Leads and Educational Facilitators on best practice and processes that promote enhanced safety and ensure the organisation demonstrates learning through incident reporting
  • To ensure that the Quality and Performance Committee, the Patient Safety and Quality Committee are regularly updated in relation to key patient safety initiatives and priorities, ensuring that information and actions are cascaded to the relevant Healthcare Groups
  • To work collaboratively with the Clinical Directors, Clinical Service Group Leads, Education Leads and corporate leads for Safety and Quality and IT in order to devise and prepare performance reports including suitable metrics to facilitate the monitoring of harm and infection rates, HSMR, SHMI and other key safety performance indicators
  • To collaborate with the Director of Nursing and Quality to ensure key patient safety policies and processes are current and monitored accordingly.
  • To participate in the development of local educational and training opportunities for all staff, e.g. clinical simulation, in order to reduce avoidable harm


Coordinate the approved appraisal system, ensuring a process is in place and operating within guidelines

Ensure necessary training (within the agreed budget) is available for medical staff (non training grades) within the Healthcare Group, manage the approvals process for same and oversee the Healthcare Group’s utilisation of the budget for medical training and development

Monitor the implementation of appraisal within recommended timescales

Undertake appraisal for Clinical Directors

Prepare an annual Healthcare Group Appraisal report for the Director to submit to the Medical Director (in relation to required Annual Trust Board Report)

Job Planning

Provide leadership and support for Job planning within the Healthcare Group for consultants, Associate Specialists and Specialty Doctors

Coordinate the implementation of Job Planning within Job Planning guidelines

Monitor the completion of Job Plans within agreed timescales

Undertake Job Planning for Clinical Directors and Lead Clinicians and any other relevant medical staff

Advise and mediate in cases that cannot be resolved by Clinical Directors within existing job planning guidance

Ensure that Job Planning process and outcomes reflects the Healthcare Group/Healthcare Group’s service capacity needs and Service and Budget Agreement with our Commissioner.

Systems & Equipment

Ensure the full implementation of COSMIC (EPR), contributing to its continuous development and improvement.

Decisions & Judgements

To lead the Trust in implementing and monitoring the recommendations from claims, inquest and incidents, working with all staff and lay members.

To ensure completion of action plans arising from incident reports and to provide feedback to the staff involved and to the relevant Educational or Clinical Supervisor (nursing, midwifery and medical)

To lead and augment the open ‘round table RCA’ approach with internal and external stakeholders, including lay members, routine case note review and mortality and morbidity processes and ensuring that quarterly over-view reports are submitted to the Trust Board.

Communication & Relationships

Will need to communicate with internal staff and external agencies to ensure compliance with performance targets and strategic objectives.

Will be required to present highly complex and sensitive information to staff groups where there could be a hostile environment

Physical Demends Of The Job

Elements of this role will require a degree of walking across large areas of the Hospital Site, standing and sitting for periods of time.

Will require good keyboard skills

Most Challenging Part Of The Job

Emotional effort: This post will be a very senior post dealing with complex decision making and change management and having the responsibility to deliver sometimes unwelcoming news on performance targets.

This post will need to deal with complaints and staff issues as the highest point of escalation.